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The Wedding Report

Jul 26, 2022

In this episode, Megan Crabtree, Marty Hurwitz, and I talk about the age demographics as it relates to the current wedding jewelry boom and what to expect in the future. We also talk about spending by age range as it directly relates to the current market.

Megan Crabtree is the Founder & CEO of Crabtree Consulting, a firm with a proven track record of successfully growing jewelry retailers and manufacturers to unprecedented numbers for over two decades. We provide a unique perspective that leads companies on the fast track to growth.

Marty Hurwitz CEO and Founder THE MVEye. THE MVEye provides consumer and trade market research along with strategic consulting services to a global client list in the gem, jewelry and watch industries. In 2004 THE MVEye completed its first consumer research study on awareness and acceptance of lab-grown diamonds. Each year since, THE MVEye has monitored the progress of the lab-grown diamond category with consumers and trade organizations globally.

Data from ACS (American Community Survey), Census, and TWJC (Todays Wedding Jewelry Consumer)

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